CrowdStrike Falcon + Cylance Protect + SentinelOne. Crypt EXE / Powershell / Webshell JAVA, ASPX, ASP, JAVA, VBS. Carbon black, Windows Defender & Kaspersky & Sophs (EDR/XDR/MDR) /  Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) / ESET Endpoint Antivirus / Windows Defender + Smartscreen and e.t.c   


Сustomization of hidden COBALT STRIKE / HAVOC / MERLIN / SILVER / BRUTE RATEL with individual requirements for TEAMS to INDICIDUAL PENTESTERS [for Windows and for Linux beacon].


Complex anonymous VPS/VDS systems with C&C infrastructure [COBALT STRIKE 4.9.1 / HAVOC / SILVER / BRUTE RATEL] + OPSEC + MODIFICATIONS AND CRYPTATION + PRIVAT Artifact Kit 4 CS. 


Exploit under SonicWALL VPN / CISCO / FortiVPN (More Access) on GO ✖ Exploit under Forti VPN ✖ Mirari LOADER Cobalt Strike ✖ Mimikatz bypass + LPE and RCE ✖.


- Network Penetration - Execution in RAM - Fixing methods - Bypass anti-virus tools -Bypass network protections - Distribution over the network - Using standard tools.


We do not collect any customer information. Your IP addresses, server data are not stored with us. Therefore, we offer a completely anonymous service including payment only through cryptocurrency.



Organization Validated (OV) / Extended Validation (EV) / Qualified Certificate. Includes installation and signing support. The process of issuing an EV code signing certificate can take some time.



PE File Encryption: Strong encryption of portable executable files (PE) for decryption and execution at runtime, either as a shell code using Donut, or directly using the Run-PE method with an extended system call. Architecture support: It is compatible with both x64 and x86 architectures. Execution in memory: By default, all payloads are executed in the RX memory area with the ability to switch to RWX. Loading a C# assembly: Load C# assemblies with hard-coded arguments into an encrypted file (.exe/.dll ). More than 15 valid binary files for additional DLL downloads (Apple, Chrome, CiscoWebEx, GithubDesktop, Java, Microsoft, Obsidian, OperaBrowser, Oracle, Teams, Visual Studio, Windows R_Server, WinSDK...) 

Methods for extracting and managing system calls (syscalls) Hellsgate Technology: This method extracts system calls, bypassing standard security checks, which allows you to perform more inconspicuous operations without relying on known locations of system calls. Syswhispers3 Technology: Uses an extended version of Syswhispers to embed system calls in a binary file. This technology is ideal for maintaining functionality across Windows versions by creating minimal and version-dependent system call stubs. Jumper Randomization Method: When using Syswhispers3, this method applies a randomized approach to making a system call, which further confuses the system call process and increases protection against static and dynamic analysis. Features Protection against "sandbox" and debugging. Performing an entry with automatic deletion. Using pump values to obfuscate static analysis. 

 - Making AMSI corrections before executing in remote processes. - Making ETW corrections in remote processes before executing the shellcode. 

- DripLoader-style memory allocation to prevent memory scanning. 

 - Execution of shellcode using custom callback functions. 

 - Implementation of local shellcode using NtCreateThreadEx. 

 - Execution of the shell code using NtQueueApcThread. 

 - Displaying the shellcode using NtCreateSection/NtMapViewOfSection.

 - Implementation into newly created processes with configurable parameters. 

 - Launching a custom process for remote deployment. It is aimed at specific processes such as Teams.exe for implementation. 

 - Substitution of process arguments for implementation purposes. 

 - Substitution of the PPID identifier to simulate the parent process. 

 - Applying the DllBlocklistPolicy policy to block unwanted DLLs. 

 - In-line implementation for shellcode execution. 

 - Selection of a specific DLL for unsuccessful implementation. 

 - Selection of a function for unsuccessful implementation. 

 - Using the Poolparty method to execute. Caro-Kahn methods for covertly deploying shellcode with delayed decryption or stream creation. 

 - Restarting the module without allocating memory using 'chakra.dll '. 

 - Selecting the DLL to run the module.

 - Select one or more functions to run the module. 

 - Restore the partition .text in stomped DLL libraries to eliminate IOCS compatible only with certain payloads. 

 - Customize information about resource files, such as icons and descriptions. 

 - Compile the binary file in debug mode to get detailed output. 

 - Create utility binaries or DLL libraries for use in horizontal move or save strategies. 

 - Steganographic embedding of encrypted payload into image files. 

 - Load an interactive, unmanaged PowerShell runtime that allows you to dynamically execute PowerShell scripts and commands directly in the context of the main application without using traditional PowerShell environments. Supported formats Standalone executable file (.exe) MSI Installers (.msi) Microsoft Excel XLL (.xll) Windows CPL Control Panel (.cpl) DLL libraries and additional DLL file downloads using legally signed certificates (Microsoft, Java, Google, Apple, Python...) Powershell output format that automatically downloads a packaged binary file. (.ps1) Shellcode output format that automatically downloads a packaged binary file via donut (.bin)