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Extensive experience in C&C infrastructure, networking and anonymity.

ANONYMOUS SERVICE                    +                           COBALT STRIKE

Installing and configuring COBALT STRIKE 4.9.1 Modification. Anonymous domain purchase + anonymous VPS + OPSEC.

[NEW] Installing and configuring COBALT STRIKE 4.10. Anonymous domain purchase + anonymous VPS + OPSEC.


Service to CRYPT starting from   for CobaltStrike & Powershell Obfuscation 4.9.1 and 4.10 version bypass the most modern AV's ( CrowdStrike & Carbon black bypass )


FREE consultation + recommendation on infrastructure c2.

Anonymous VPS with C&C infrastructure Advanced

Anonymous VPS

Simple and Powerful control panel, Momentary deployment,Powerful Cloud Computing, 1TB+ Optical Network, Instant Deployment of Windows and Linux VPS. Quick change of IP address in case it is blacklisted due to its activity.Payment for servers in BTC/XMR/USDT.

Ready to go Cobalt Strike 4.9 + PRIVAT Artifact Kit bypass WinDef + SmartScreen + AV.C++, syscall, + code protection. Crypto service directly in the personal panel of the server.

Cobalt Strike 4.10 bypass WinDef + SmartScreen + AV.C++, syscall, + code protection. Crypto service directly in the personal panel of the server.



Teamwork. Investment relations.


We give complete freedom to your actions.Without collecting information about servers and their owners.


We accept strictly defined cryptocurrency MONERO.                                                BITCOIN USDT payments incur a +2% fee.

Providing Best AV BYPASS Solutions

Sentinel One & Windows Defender & Kaspersky & Sophos. Powershell beacons & Webshell clean. CrowdStrike & Carbon black & Cylance Protect

FUD 100% via MIMIKATZ Dump

What We Offer

Services you can use


CrowdStrike Falcon + Cylance Protect + SentinelOne. Crypt EXE / Powershell / Webshell JAVA, ASPX, ASP, JAVA, VBS. Carbon black, Windows Defender & Kaspersky & Sophs (EDR/XDR/MDR) /  Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) / ESET Endpoint Antivirus / Windows Defender + Smartscreen and e.t.c   


Сustomization of hidden COBALT STRIKE / HAVOC / MERLIN / SILVER / BRUTE RATEL with individual requirements for TEAMS to INDICIDUAL PENTESTERS [for Windows and for Linux beacon].


Complex anonymous VPS/VDS systems with C&C infrastructure [COBALT STRIKE 4.10 / HAVOC / SILVER / BRUTE RATEL] + OPSEC + MODIFICATIONS AND CRYPTATION + PRIVAT Artifact Kit 4 CS. 


Exploit under SonicWALL VPN / CISCO / FortiVPN (More Access) on GO ✖ Exploit under Forti VPN ✖ Mirari LOADER Cobalt Strike ✖ Mimikatz bypass + LPE and RCE ✖.


Work in the grid (Checklist + bypass 2FA + work with NAS + work with VMware)


Operational real-time support for each client.



Brute Ratel / Sliver / Cobalt Strike / Canvas / Havoc / Empire / Metasploit Framework ✖ Cleaning powershell (PS)-ADRecon.ps1 PowerView.ps1 Kerberoasting.ps1 Powershell Empire KRBreplay.exe Rubeus.exe Whisker.exe


- Network Penetration - Execution in RAM - Fixing methods - Bypass anti-virus tools -Bypass network protections - Distribution over the network - Using standard tools


We do not collect any customer information. Your IP addresses, server data are not stored with us. Therefore, we offer a completely anonymous service including payment only through cryptocurrency.


Organization Validated (OV) / Extended Validation (EV) / Qualified Certificate

General Questions Frequently Asked Questions?

You can, for this you need to tell what service you want to receive, provide your data from the server to fully configure the purchased service.

monthly subscription - unlimited builds

The OPSEC i provide is restriected rules.. and the client need to follow my rules to get the highest security for his teamserver, hence any client refuse to follow the rules and request to not follow our recommendation the crypt server will be only for the current teamserver. If he request new teamserver he need to pay new teamserver fees + new crypt fees. All crypt should be only for http/https/dns/smb cryption, anything else will not be included in service, any new teamserver means you need to pay new fees for crypt the new teamserver.

We do not ask for any personal information. We don't care who you are. We care about your right to privacy.

Your Pricing Plan

3 services are available. For specific task that is not in the payment plan, you can contact us and discuss.



Formarts supporte : EXE+DLL. EXE (one related file). (.msi) (.xll) (.cpl) DLL and DLL sideloading under legit signed certificate  Powershel.  Webshell JAVA. ASPX. ASP. Powershell Output format, reflectively loading the packed binary. (.ps1) Shellcode Output format.



BRUTE RATEL / HAVOC / SILVER / COBALT STRIKE 4.10 + CRYPT SERVICE EXE+DLL. EXE (one related file). Powershell, Unlimited builds for one month, bypass CrowdStrike Falcon + Cylance Protect + SentinelOne e.t.c. Crypt EXE / Powershell / Webshell JAVA, ASPX, ASP e.t.c.



Total HAVOC / SILVER / BRUTE RATEL + or COBALT STRIKE  4.10  Anonymouse VPS + Anonymouse Domain Registration + OPSEC Installation Service + Crypt SERVICE. Sentinel One, Windows Defender, Kaspersky and Sophos.Powershell Beacons and Net Monthly Webshell Subscription unlimited builds. CrowdStrike, Carbon black and Cylance. LSSAS Dump Exploit. Consultation + recommendation for c2 infrastructure.


HVNC Client [Rent]


Native EXE/DLL, does not require dependencies, dotnets or runtimes. Does not require administrator rights. WebGL, Java [support]. Optional autostart, adding a Windows Defender exception. Built-in functionality for viewing and managing the user's screen. Executing commands in cmd for the user. Uploading files to the client, loading and running EXE/DLL/JS/VBS/PS, the software uses a custom protocol and, accordingly, custom viewer.